Saturday, November 18, 2017


These are my current favorite products, I don't use it on the daily basis, but products that I've been in love with in the past couple of month. From drugstore to high end, I'm going to give my personal opinion, and find you a similar dupe.

I have a combination - oily skin, these are my favorite primer cocktails lately. I use MUFE on my T-zone area, and the Make Over on the rest of my face. The MUFE one sucks up your oil, and the Make Over gives you hydration and leaves a tacky feeling to help your makeup sticks to your face. Looking flawless all day!
(Make Up Forever - Step 1 Mattifying Primer IDR 660,000,-, Make Over - Hydration Serum IDR 109,000,-)

The most hype foundation... Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation. Its worth the hype really, why? because it is lightweight, gives you medium to full coverage without looking cakey, I'm sure you can find your shade, they have 40 different shade range! Mine is in the color 360 but sometimes I mix 300 and 360, (I let my mom buy the foundation in Singapore, I didn't go with her, I didn't get the shade that 100% match) love love loveeee I've been dying to try since day one, watched all the reviews on youtube, and it doesn't disappoint me.
L'oreal Invallible Pro-Matte Foundation, I think its a dupe for Fenty foundation, lightweight, medium to full coverage, but the cons are it creases on my smile lines, Fenty doesn't, and sets very quickly. The shade range is not very good, mine is 110 a little bit too orange for me.

(Fenty Beauty - Pro Filt'r Foundation IDR 498,500,- SGD $50, L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation IDR 169,000,-)

I try the Sephora High Coverage Concealer because of LustreLux on youtube, and I really do love it. It covers my dark circle, gives me a brighten undereye, the finish is natural not too dry and little bit goes a long way.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is another hyped product on youtube, and it's available in my local drugstore recently, covers my undereyes, not easily creases. Good stuffs!

(Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind IDR 119,000,-, Sephora Collection - High Coverage Concealer IDR 236,000,-)

I've used Colourpop brow colour since the beginning of 2016, then I bought Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade, stop using it then I moved back to Colourpop, because it's way cheaper, eventho I prefer the ABH one, but the Colourpop its not that bad, I still can use it. And recently, I bought the brow pencil as well, love the combo! Good and cheap brows haha!

(Colourpop - Brow Colour Pot IDR 145,000,-, Colourpop - Brow Precision Pencil IDR 120,000,-)

Fenty Beauty!!! Fucking love this highlighter, the shade is just right, my face looks wet glowy whenever I use this product, I have Mean Money, Hu$tla baby. I love Hu$tla Baby more than mean money, cause it's bliiiiinding.

(Fenty Beauty - Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter IDR 498,000,- / SGD $50)

These are my favorite lippies, left to right, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Avenue my favorite dark red of all time! I'm not in love with the formula but the COLOR, it is just the right red for my skin tone, perfect for a night out. Colourpop x ILUVSARAHII in 951, my everyday pinky mauvey nude, its a bit light for my skin tone but it's perfect for daily basis, and a date! because it gives me the lips but better color. Last but not least, Emina cream matte liquid lipstick, THE BEST NUDE, THE BEST FORMULA, I can't get enough of this product, this is my second tube, love it, it's lightweight, perfect shade, it's not sticky, not crumply, do not crack, AND ITS VERY CHEAP. LOVE LOVE.

(Colourpop - Ultra Matte Lip IDR 115,000,-, Colourpop x ILUVSARAHII - Ultra Satin Lip IDR 115,000,-, Emina - Cream Matte IDR 45,000,-)
for the cheapest colourpop lip product:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Some of you may know from my social media, I went to Europe last year, alone, sounds like fun, dangerous, scary, cool, but you know... IT WAS SUCH A LONELY TRIP but I learned a lot. SO, why did I go to Europe alone? I had a summer program at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I did fashion marketing class so exhausting but it was fun, I met new people from around the world, then I thought "oh fashion marketing classes it'll be boring af" but no, NO. In two weeks we had to arrange everything to make a fashion show, and a fashion magazine. We had to get sponsorships, models, makeup artists industry for providing our fashion show. I met wonderful people, Giulia my Italian smoking partner, Annelies from  Belgium such a talented girl, Magda the coolest Polish photographer on campus which happened to be my project leader, Summit our favorite project leader he showed us Amsterdam, basically. So many memorable things happened, my favorite one was after the fashion show was held some of the students and the project leaders stole some leftover beers and drank it behind the school building *i think it was forbidden to drink at a public space or University property* but after we drank a couple of bottles, a security came to us and told us we should move out, then we moved to the side of canal we hang out and drank all of the beers 'til three am, it was our farewell party :( The next two weeks I spent my days in Amsterdam alone, but I got the chance to see Beyoncé Formation Tour in Paris. So many shits happened, I missed my flight to Paris, yes, I know, stupid. So me and another guy who missed the flight too, we were looking for the best way to go to Paris the cheapest and fastest. Finally we took the train straight from Schiphol to Gare du Nord. I arrived in Paris, straight to the hostel, I didn't know that the hostel that I slept in was soooo fuckin far from the tourism spots. From that moment I hate visiting Paris, but Beyonce was ah-maziiiing. Luckily I stayed in Paris for just two days, before I left Paris I visited Louis Vuitton Foundation and Colette, wanted to visit more museums and art space but I didn't have the time and money, I had to go back to Amsterdam by bus after that. Back in Amsterdam, I visited museums, smoked more weed, enjoying loneliness ha ha, went to the most interesting thrift market Ij Hallen, then I went to 22fest to see Honne, fucking amazing, I met more people, Julia, we were like Honne number one fans, front row, knew all the lyrics, she started a conversation then she introduced me to her group of friends, spent that night with them. I joined their after party at one of their house, drunk, stoned, and shits happened again, Julia was so kind she wanted me to used her credit card for über, but my apartment was very far from the after party, so I took the bus, then I fell a sleep on the bus until the last stop, but the bus driver was very kind he showed me the way to my apartment, he waited for my another bus to come, but I had to spent extra money! So, that's my story and experience going to Europe alone, it was a good time, wish I could go back to Amsterdam and live there, someday I might! I think I'm in love with Amsterdam, until now.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Hi!!! Remember me? Let me introduce myself one more time my name is Tascha Amalia, I think I was 18 or 19 years old when I started this blog but NOW I'm older, so many crazy fun stuffs happened these past few years. I'll share with you all! like my travel tips, fashion stuffs, concerts, my current obsession, and some other shits like dating or love stories that fucked up my life. SOOOOO STAY TUNED!

This was me couple months ago, incase you forgot how I look.

(I know I had pink hair - 2017)